a non-music related post, w/r/t this blog, and using social media

(huh. my computer seems to be missing this button.)

Hi there.

First and foremost, if you are reading this blog, thanks! I appreciate the support. If you are somebody who knows me personally, thanks for thank you for taking the time out of your day to check it out. But if you are somebody who doesn't know me personally, hey that's cool that you somehow found this site, so thanks for reading.

I started this with really no intention other than the fact that I a) needed a creative outlet after walking away from my daily radio show, and b) wanted to write about music more often. People are apparently reading this blog, however, which is exciting. I guess I 'm not expecting fame and fortune, or the offer of a job on the editorial staff of Pitchfork out of this. But I am continually amazed by all of the "big things" that I inadvertently do with this blog.

Since the layout I've chose for the blog is a bit...busy...and it's not very easy to see if there are other links on the page, I thought I would just mention a few things quickly here:

On the right, there is a panel of links that take you various places. One is to the newly developed Facebook page for this blog. I started it last weekend, and I am up to a whopping 14 "likes" now. So if you haven't already done so, please "like" the page. I promise I won't fill up your newsfeed with a bunch of trifling old bullshit. Just SOME trifling old bullshit. No, just kidding. Since I only update the blog like two or three times a week, you'll only see stuff from me when there's an update.

I am also on Twitter.  I use Twitter to promote blog entries and I usually try to @ the artist I have reviewed or at least # them. But my tweets are usually delightful and pithy things I have come up with, or they are re-tweets of pithier things somebody else has said. 

I also wanted to use this blog to show mad love to some friends of mine who also have (non music related) blogs. There's a tab for this over on that panel on the right, but in case you missed it, please visit the following sites, at your leisure: Consumed by Books (a pretty professionally run book review site), The Green Gazelle (a blog about sustainability and attempts at being financially responsible), Lizzles P (thoughtful observations on life), and Rick's Head (where apparently "love and disdain collide"-- his words, not mine.) These people are exponentially more articulate than I could ever hope to be, so please check them out when you can.

Finally, I mention occasionally that I used to have a daily radio show on the community station in my town. I still have a weekly show that I am the co-host and producer for-- it's an "interesting" hour of radio entitle the KeYMN Saturday Morning Show. I used to work at a youth-run youth center in town for a year, and the kids at the center had this hour of radio that I kind of was put in charge of as far as supervision and preparation. That was five years ago. And we just keep showing up every week ever since. It's a mix of comedy and music, so if you like to laugh, and want to hear four to five people talking over the top of one another, please give us a listen.

That is probably enough promotion and self-promotion for today. Thanks again for reading this blog. I really do mean it. I look forward to writing pieces for it, and I hope that you at least somewhat look forward to reading them.

Stay trill.