Anhedonic Headphones x Bearded Gentlemen Music present a review of The Radio Dept.'s Running Out of Love

This year has not been my most prolific year contributing to the excellent music site Bearded Gentlemen. I attribute that to my difficult year with depression, anxiety, and working a job I hated (which I recently left.) With only precious few weeks left in the year, I don't know how many more I'll be able to collaborate with them on, but I am remaining optimistic for 2017.

Anyway, the Swedish haze-pop outfit The Radio Dept.'s new album, Running Out of Love, leaked a really long time ago and I copped it, and then signed myself up to review it for BGM. As many of my reviews for the site seem to go, it's an album I didn't much care for.

Find out why by clicking on this link, and if you don't regularly read BGM or at least follow them on social media, please do so.