Submission Policy (updated December 2018)

On the day a member of my family died, I received a Facebook message from a musician who was imploring me to put together a write up on something they had just released. In their message to me, they had gone so far as to state they had read the Anhedonic Headphones submission policy (which, for the last three or four years, has been 'please, no submissions') but ignored it, and sent the message anyway, implying that what they were sending was so good, I would be okay with the fact that they blatantly ignored my wish to be, more or less, left the fuck alone.

This person who contact me had no idea that a member of my family had just passed away, but after some time had passed, I responded to them, explaining there was no way I was going to write up what they had sent me, and that I am 'just an asshole on the internet.'

Folks, here's the thing: I've been doing this for six years now. I am lucky if, like, 50 people read a review I've written. I am not a tastemaker. A review from me isn't going to give you some kind of boost. My debilitating depression makes it so that I am barely able to sit down and focus on writing a piece on an album I actually want to talk about. I am not in a position, nor have I really ever been in one, to take on submissions for consideration.

Please respect this. I mean, there's a very strong possibility that I won't even like what you've sent me, or I won't be able to put together enough marginally nice things about it. I don't want to write a nasty review of something sent to me by a stranger. 

Thank you.