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Album Review: Taylor Swift - Folklore

I can see us lost in the memory…
It’s Thursday morning and I’m on the way to take my first break at work; preemptively, even before I am outside, sitting down, morning snack in hand, I begin futzing with my phone, opening up Instagram. The first post in my feed is a black and white photo of Taylor Swift, wearing an enormous overcoat, pensively walking through a forest—the post is from the account of Aaron Dessner—producer and multi-instrumentalist from The National. And it takes a moment for me to really comprehend what is happening, and for me to understand what my eyes are quickly skimming from the text that accompanies the photograph.
As I’m walking back through the building, I quickly glean all I need to know from reading the headline on Pitchfork’s homepage; pulling my face mask1 back up over my mouth as I head out onto the sales floor, I stroll up to my friend, and boss, Andrea, and tell her that, yes, I’m about to finally take my first break2 of the day, but also, that I have imp…

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