The Bearded Life: Becoming immense for the ladies

Well, here's one that was fun, if not challenging to write.

A little background: each month in the Southern Minnesota Scene magazine, there's a theme. And since I started writing for the publication at the end of 2013, I've been a team player, and tried to abide by the theme with my column, even tough my editor, bless his heart, always reminds me that I don't really have to do that.

Some of these themes are annual. And some of them are hard to find material on after it's a topic you've exhausted once or twice before.

The July issue is the "Spam" issue, which is a new topic, and it was honestly concocted as a way to try and convince the Hormel Company to advertise the Spam Museum in Austin, MN, in our magazine.

I was told early on I could take the month off if I wanted, since I would have nothing to say on the subject of the food product known as "Spam."

However, since I did not want to take the month off, I opted to go a different route, and hopefully it will provide you with some much needed laughter in your lives.