New Joint Alert: Mark Mulcahy- "Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You," drops June 18th

So earlier in the year, I wrote up a brief piece on Mark Mulcahy, and new 7” single “Low Birthweight Child.” Originally available only in the UK, you can now cop it courtesy of the man’s own Mezzotint Shop.

It’s been a minute since Mark Mulcahy has released a full-length joint—In Pursuit of Your Happiness was released in 2005. So you know, that was, like, eight years ago.

But here’s some good news for people who like good news—as the title of this entry says, come June 18th, the wait is over. Mulcahy returns with a new LP, charmingly titled Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You.

It was Rolling StoneMagazine (purveyors of all things current) that actually broke this news first on their website.  They also had an “exclusive” stream of the album’s first single—“She Make The World Turn Backwards.”

“She Makes” is a somewhat jaunty song—it’s short, and it really wastes no time getting down to business.  It’s about a minute into the song when the refrain comes in—a bit of a call and response that peaks with, “Are you worried, worried? YES!”

While the single “Low Birthweight Child” was a bit of a stylistic departure for Mulcahy, “She Makes” is powered by strummy acoustic guitars and a steady rhythm—it fits in well with other material from his canon, but it it’s not a retread. It sounds fresh and vibrant, while still very familiar, thanks in part to Mulcahy’s distinct singing voice.

The more I think about it, when I do think about it, this year is pretty much over, so that means that June 18th is pretty much right around the corner. Mark Mulcahy is LONG overdue for a new full length, so this is easily one of my more anticipated releases of 2013.