Anhedonic Headphones x Bearded Gentlemen Music - Miserable's 'Uncontrollable'

I'm not really sure what my average is for contributions to Bearded Gentlemen Music. I know in 2014 I probably gave them a lot more than I did last year; things aren't looking so good this year, either. Maybe it's my chronic sorrow (a real condition.) Maybe it's because I want to keep all the good reviews for myself. Or maybe it's just because I have a hard time finding things I actually care about to listen to and review for my own site, let alone another one.

Anyway, I decided to be a team player and take a listen to this album from a one-woman band called Miserable. The review was posted online today, and it's not as timely of a review as I aim for since the record came out at the end of April.