A.H. & B.G.M. present a review of Kyle Bobby Dunn & Wayne Robert Thomas' split 12"

First, an aside-

At the beginning of the year, when I was having a hard time finding the right pacing for the first month or two, and having a little difficulty picking 'new' music to write about and review, I put together a piece on two digital reissues from ambient/experimental guitarist Kyle Bobby Dunn.

@-ing him on Twitter when I published the piece caught his attention, and about a month or so later, Dunn slid into my DMs with a link to download an advance copy of his split 12" with like minded performer Wayne Robert Thomas.

After I had written a piece on Moby's latest album for Bearded Gentlemen Music, Dunn sent me another message, asking if I could do the review of his split 12" for that site instead.

"Sure," I told him. "It'll get more exposure through them than my dumb site."

"It's not that dumb but I'd appreciate it," he responded.

Anyway, here we are, on the cusp of this 12" being released, and my review (written for Bearded Gentlemen) is now up and running and live and direct. Please enjoy.  Thanks again to Jon, my editor at BGM, for humoring me, as well as the rest of the hard working staff there; and thanks to Kyle Bobby Dunn for the opportunity to hear this in advance. Both pieces of this 12" are truly something to behold.