The first mixtape of 2017: Ain't Nobody Prayin' For Me

It usually takes five months, maybe sometimes longer, before we're far enough into the year for me to have heard enough songs that I feel strong enough about to compile into a mixtape. I feel pretty good about this batch: it's incredibly diverse, if nothing else.

So please, enjoy this collection of songs. It's structured in such a way that you can shut it off after the Sorority Noise song, and not listen to a lengthy jazz piece and five minutes of ambient droning. But, why would you want to miss that?

1. Slomo/Slowdive
2.Loving/Land of talk
3.Lava Lamp/Thundercat
4.YAH./Kendrick Lamar
5.Broken Anyway/Ryan Adams
6.Natural Blue/Julie Byrne
7.Timmy's Prayer/Sampha
8.Baybee/Jay Som
9.I Figured You Out/Elliott Smith
10.FEEL./Kendrick Lamar
11.Leave The Light On/Sorority Noise
12.Truth/Kamasi Washington
13.Her Ghost Wore Tennis Shoes/Kyle Bobby Dunn