B.G.M. x A.H. present a review of this new self-titled Slowdive album

I don't always give albums I review for Bearded Gentlemen Music a positive analysis. Sometimes it is pretty neutral or ambivalent; but most of the time it's stuff I trash. There were rare occasions within the first year I was writing for the site that I wrote about albums that received high marks.

This is another neutral or ambivalent one, however, and my ambivalence and nonplussed attitude toward shoegaze as a genre leads me to believe my interest in it when I was a younger man was just a passing thing, and it's not really something that I am going to carry completely throughout my life.

This new, self-titled, Slowdive album is not bad, but it's also not life affirming or amazing. It is fine; it's a fine album to listen to, and for hard core fans of the band, it's probably a welcome reunion 20+ years in the making.

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