The Column of Disquiet - My Life as MC Skat Kat

It's been a minute since I've had any Columns of Disquiet to share with you, and there are a number of reasons why that is. I was most prolific with the column in January- maybe more so than I should have been. I some how managed to churn out three, back to back to back, within the first three weeks of the month. 

That left me feeling a little burnt out on writing the column, or at least struggling to focus on a topic for a new one to run at the beginning of February. I've also been struggling with finding new/interesting music worth writing about, making content generation for this site a bit of a...not a chore...but harder than it should be. 

It may be on me, but I'll also blame a recent situation at work (long story) for my concentration issues. Maybe it's a story I'll want to/feel up to sharing some day; but not at this time.

Anyway, today is Valentine's Day. And like I have done since 2014, I've written a column about romance, or whatever. Mostly it's about my own shortcomings as a spouse. I think I let this one get away from me a little, but whatever. I'll blame those concentration issues for that.