Bearded Gentlemen Music and Anhedonic Headphones present a review of 'We Got it From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service' by A Tribe Called Quest

I had already started working on the introductory information for my review for the new album from A Tribe Called Quest, We Got it From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service, when on Friday, my phone starts blowing up with messages from my editor at Bearded Gentlemen Music, who inquires to whether or not I want to review it for the site.

I was able to get this churned out a lot faster than anticipated, and since the album has been out for only 48 hours at this point, and the remaining members of the group were the musical guests on "Saturday Night Live" yesterday, it's pretty timely.

Take a read here, and if you don't follow BGM, you should. There are a lot of great writers contributing a lot of outstanding material to the site.