Is This A.....Mixtape? (2018, volume 2)

Arriving only two months and change after the first compilation of 2018, as well as in the middle of some pretty serious personal issues, in an effort to try and stay busy/focused, I am attempting to continue generating content for this site.

And in an effort to do that, I thought now would be a good time for another 2018 mix, cobbling together a whopping 11 songs from recent weeks that, for the most part, worked well together when I put them in this order.


1000 Miles Across The Room/Damien Rice
Ashes/Yo La Tengo
Get The Fuck Off My Dick/Vince Staples
Spitting Game/Mix-O-Rap
From This Side/Annabel (lee)
Expired/Ryley Walker
Gumball Blue/Neko Case
Parking Lot/Grouper
Dark Spring/Beach House
Don't You (Forget About Me)/Willis Earl Beal