The Column of Disquiet - Sports Are Dumb b/w Justin Timberlake Can Eat Shit

For a column that, originally, was intended to be a bi-weekly affair for The Next Ten Words, I've been alarmingly prolific this month. We are only 17 days into the month, and I've now churned out three pieces for the site.

I doubt I can keep this level of prolificacy going, and truthfully, my final column of 2017 is a tough act to follow, so while it was fun writing about my skateboarding accident and about how my co-worker keeps calling me 'Keith,' I thought those pieces were fine. Nothing amazing. But not everything can be, I suppose.

Football fever is all around me, and in a sharp counterpoint to some pieces that my friend and benevolent editor has posted about 'his' Minnesota Vikings, I present to you this week's Column of Disquiet. Are you ready for some football, folks? 

And, as an added bonus, or at least a tangent too long to be demoted to a footnote, there's a 'post script' to this one, too.