The Column of Disquiet - My Name is My Name

This one wound up online a lot faster than I had anticipated; I try to have a Column of Disquiet available every other week, which means by the time one has hit the internet, I've already started on the next one, because sometimes, there is a bit of a delay from when I sent it in to my editor, and when it winds up on The Next Ten Words.

With a piece running on January 2nd, this was my week to have content in, and I find myself struggling to stay focused on writing as we ease in to this new year. With music writing, we're now ten days in to 2018, and it's sure hard to find new/new-ish releases to write about, and to write about them with any kind of enthusiasm.

Outside of my self-imposed deadlines for generating content with music writing, I had a real deadline for a new piece to submit to River Valley Woman to run in their February issue. I also am submitting a manuscript to the Graywolf Press Non Fiction Prize competition for 2018, which means I've been cobbling together 130 pages of old essays and whatnot, along with a cover letter and outline for the collection.

I didn't know what direction this Column of Disquiet was going to take. I never do. I just start writing based off an idea or a topic, and I hope that I can craft some kind of narrative where, by the end, there's a point or a lesson to be learned, or some kind of realization on my part. I had written about half of this one a long, long time ago and scrapped it in favor of something else. But here we are, having a small laugh at my continued life of misfortunes.