A.H. x B.G.M. present my review of the new Sun Kil Moon shitshow

Mark fucking Kozelek, huh.

What else can you say about the guy? I've already said so much in the past, much of it, in fact, I had forgotten I had said, and tried to reuse it all in writing my review for the latest festering turd of a record from the man himself.

In effort to gain more exposure for my review of all things Kozelek, and to piss off the fanboys and fuckbois that still take his music seriously and make excuses for his behavior, I've been submitting reviews of his last two albums, and now three, to Bearded Gentlemen Music.

You are welcome, as always, to form your own opinion (as long as you can actually defend them), but this album is, without a doubt, the worst thing I have ever listened to in my entire life and it makes me embarrassed for both Mark Kozelek as a person and a performer, as well as for myself, as a onetime fan.