Dark Space Low - the third 2017 mixtape

If I try hard enough, usually I am able to cobble together a third mixtape for 2017, prior to making the attempt at my favorite songs of the year. There hasn't been a ton of great new music since the last tape (in mid-July) and this one relies a little heavily on both The National and Phoebe Bridgers, but it is an accurate representation of what I have been listening to the most of for the last three months.

Dark Space Low (right click, save target as, oh my god whatever etc)

Nobody Else Will Be There/The National
Can't Get it Out/Brand New
Fantastic Voyage (2017 Tony Visconti mix)/David Bowie
Gone But Not Entirely/Cloakroom
Smoke Signals/Phoebe Bridgers
Another Moon/Lotte Kestner
Far/Annabel (lee)
I'll Still Destroy You/The National
New York/St. Vincent
Knowledge/Kamasi Washingto
Funeral/Phoebe Bridgers
Dark Space Low/Angelo Badalamenti