The 30th Episode of The Podcast! It's The Season Five Finale with ILLUSTRIOUS GUEST ANIKA PYLE!!!

This year has taken so much from me, truthfully, but one of the small things it has given in return is this opportunity I found to take the podcast into a new direction in terms of who I was connecting with and inviting on the show. Season five winds down, fittingly, with the 30th episode overall since this thing humbly launched at the beginning of 2019, and I welcome Anika Pyle to the virtual building. Anika's album Wild River really helped me through a difficult run in the spring, and the two of us had a really great conversation about the music she selected, but also about gratitude, safety as a touring musician during the rona, and the subtle politics of Spice Girls.

This episode runs a little long because I wrap up with some "final thoughts" on the season, and my intentions to return in 2022 with new episodes.

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