Anhedonic Headphones Podcast 2 : Electric Boogaloo (season two) - Episode 10 w/ guest Wendy Placko

After taking the entire summer off from the Podcast (remember, that is a thing I did), and spending the fall recording and editing new episodes, it is time to begin the weekly roll out of season two.

There will be fewer episodes this season, compared to last season, mostly because this is very difficult to do, and wrangling guests isn't easy; the first episode of the new season is a conversation with my wife, Wendy, who was kind enough to interview me in the last episode of season one. This time, I asked her to think about songs that are/were important to her from throughout her life, and she came with up with a wildly eclectic mix, and was kind enough to engage me in a discussion about the way she approaches pop music, classical music as a gateway drug, and if Jakob Dylan is the more influential of the Dylans, among other things.

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