Sleep All Summer (the third 2018 mixtape)

Usually, it takes me well into the autumn to cobble together a third 2018 hot mix to share, so I'm not sure what the arrival of one now, in late July, says; it either means there's been a lot of good tunes as of late that I thought were worth drawing special attention to, or, it means that I'm possibly softening up on popular music, as a whole.

However you want to take it, please enjoy the third in the ongoing series of commemorative 2018 mixtapes.

Sleep All Summer (right click, save as, whatever, oh my god, etc.)

Feel The Love - Kids See Ghosts featuring Pusha-T
Summer - Beyonce and Jay-Z
The Anteroom - How to Dress Well
Gonna Love Me - Teyana Taylor
Untitled Original 11,386 - John Coltrane
Nonbeliever - Lucy Dacus
Over and Out (slight edit) - Nine Inch Nails
Let's Find an Out - Snail Mail
Sleep All Summer - Neko Case
Blouse - Grouper
The Space Travelers Lullaby - Kamasi Washington
Bon Voyage, Wesbrook 210 - Ian William Craig