The Women That Loved Me Whipped Me With Switches - The Second 2020 Mixtape

Much to my surprise, in less than two months, this came together. One of these is, for sure, a song I forgot to include on the first mix of 2020; the rest are ones that came out in the days, and then weeks, that followed at the end of February.

Recently, my friend Andrea started putting together 'pandemic' themed playlists on Spotify, a service that, up until recently, I had never really used. For someone like me, who winds up wanting to include a lot of obscure tracks or 'unofficial' releases, it can be a little limiting, but for someone who just wants to sit down and stream the tunes, without having to download a thing, it makes sense I guess.

I put up both the first 2020 mix, as well as a slightly abbreviated version of my own pandemic-themed mix on Spotify, and with that being said, there is a 95% complete version of this very mix that you can stream. The only difference is a second, 'bonus' track from Bartees Strange at the end, taken from a live radio session he and his band did around the time his EP, Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy was issued in March.

The Women That Loved Me Whipped Me With Switches (click on it to download y'all), or go here to stream it on Spotify.

June 14th - Lauren Auder
Walk in The Woods - Snarls
Cool- Dua Lipa
Kinfolks - Sam Hunt
Trying - Orion Sun
The Steps - HAIM
Goose - Caleb Giles
Oxbow - Waxahatchee
In Another Life - Active Child
Heartbreak - Margaret Glaspy
Kyoto - Phoebe Bridgers
Holes - Matt Berninger
Marry Me - Greg Dulli
Going Going - Bartees Strange
About Today (live) - Bartees Strange