Anhedonic Headphones Podcast 2: Electric Boogaloo - Episode 7 w/ Sara Haase

After having to postpone recording episode seven two weeks in a row due to bad weather, I was finally able to welcome my guest, Sara, earlier this week. Sara no longer works at the co-op in Northfield, but was my co-worker for around a year and a half before she left. We discussed how she was the person who had been saddled with the task of training me and showing me around on my first day, but my laptop froze and we lost that bit of the conversation.

However, many other great bits of conversation occurred throughout our recording session, as you'll find out when you listen through the streaming doodab below, of through subscribing (if you have not already done so) in the iTunes store or in Google Play. You are also strongly encouraged to check out this episode's entry via the Podbean site, for full credits on the music Sara brought in to discuss.