Hot Mix Fridays: A Nice Slice of The 90's Pie....Vol 3

So open up your morning light, and say a little prayer for I...

Man, you guys. Remember the absolute thrill of connecting onto America Online and seeing who on your Buddy List was on? What a nice slice of the 90's. You know what else is a nice slice? These hot mixes that I keep dropping every Friday to keep your heads nodding all weekend long.

I'm kind of wondering if I'll ever run out of songs to include on these tapes. Because every time I think of a song to add to the playlist, I think of like three or four others to put on a mix later on. 

This one is has a few more "deeper cuts" that maybe you aren't familiar with, as well as some big hits from the era. Hopefully you will fuck with this.

1. I Don't Want to Wait by Paula Cole
2. Boombastic (Sting Mix) by Shaggy
3. Back in The Day by Ahmad Lewis
4. Cannonball by The Breeders
5. Connection by Elastica
6. Let Her Cry by Hootie and The Blowfish
7. My Boo by Ghost Town DJs
8. My Favourite Game by The Cardigans
9. Would? by Alice in Chains
10. Don't Let Go (Love) by En Vogue
11. How Do You Talk to An Angel? by The Heights
12. If You Never Say Goodbye by PM Dawn
13. Porcelain by Better Than Ezra
14. Let Me Be The One by Blessid Union of Souls
15. The River of Dreams by Billy Joel
16. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
17. Foolish Games by Jewel