The Podcast is Back With Episode 37 and the Extremely Illustrious Guest Sarah Krueger AKA Lanue


Since, like, the second season of the podcast, my intent has been to record all of the episodes for an upcoming run at once, or as close to at once as I can, and then have them all ready to go so they can be published weekly or bi-weekly without a lot of extra scrambling or stress on my end.

Occasionally, I get close to this—like, I'll have one or two ready to go, but there has, famously, been a lot of scrambling and stress on my end with guest confirmation and coordination. But I am grateful that the seventh season (holy shit!) of the podcast came together extremely well in terms of guest wrangling and editing everything together thoughtfully. 

In the first episode of this season, or the 37th episode overall, I had a delightful exchange with Sarah Kruger. She's a Duluth based singer and songwriter who performs under the name Lanue. Her self-titled Lanue record from 2021 is really great, and the week we recorded the interview, she was preparing to issue her new EP from the project, Fire in My Mind

You may subscribe and listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts if you are so inclined; or, you can stream it below from the lil Podbean doodab. Check out Sarah's tunes as Lanue on her website, and please click through to read the extended show notes.