The Column of Disquiet - Naked (Except For My Socks)

Due to some incredibly stressful and personal events throughout the course of the last month, I was only able to generate one 'Column of Disquiet' for The Next Ten Words for April. Someday, maybe not for a while, my editor will get a very long thing about the events of the last 30+ days, but since I am still, for lack of a better expression, 'in it,' I found that in moments where I was able to focus and keep generating content for this site, as well as for him, I should write about something else.

The health issues I started to encounter in my mid-20s had been on my list of things to write about for a while, especially since last summer was the tenth anniversary of all of that. I found that revisiting that time was something that was relatively easy for me to focus on.

I guess this may be more information than you need about me and my digestive system; I guess this may get kind of graphic, so maybe read it on an empty stomach.