The Column of Disquiet - The Grand Prize Game

Occasionally, when I write these "Columns of Disquiet," or even with some of the verbose thinkpieces I write about albums, or whatever, I don't have an ending. What I mean is that I'll go into it with just a rough idea, like "I need to write a thing about when I was on 'The Bozo Show' 25 years ago," and even as I'm typing away, there are times when I'm never really quite sure where things are going to end up.

Is it gonna get weird? Is it gonna get sad? A little of both? How pensive and reflective can I be while still trying to be kind of funny or charming?

Sometimes I have a beginning and an ending, and it's that middle part- the getting to that conclusion I want and already thought out, that is just as difficult.

Anyway, this is about how I was on 'The Bozo Show' when I was a kid, but also about what we do with our nostalgia.