Born to be In It - The Second Mixtape of 2019

The playlist for songs in the running to make it to the second hotmix of the year usually starts shortly after I've shared the first hotmix; I've had this playlist, in various iterations, on the computer since the beginning of April, and it felt like now was a good time to share it, simply before it became all songs by The National, Billy Woods, and Maxo.

You can get an idea of what I've spent a bulk of the last three months listening to.

Born to be In It (right click, save as, whatever, etc.)

Smile #2 (edit)/Slauson Malone featuring Maxo
ZORA/Jamila Woods
Hairpin Turns/The National
A Day in A Week in A Year/Billy Woods featuring MOTHERMARY
Hold Me Up/Live
Common Ground/The Get Up Kids
In My Penny's (edit)/Maxo
Sunshine (edit)/King Carter Slums
Kingston/Faye Webster
Boul. Gouin/Kyle Bobby Dunn
Red Dust/Billy Woods
Light Years/The National