The Column of Disquiet - First Issue, Collector's Item!

The Column of Disquiet, as of late, has become, not so much a 'dumping ground,' but an opportunity where I have started to explore very specific ideas or themes, or whatever: mostly nostalgia, and how it connects to us in the present, and what we do with that; also, mortality, I guess.

I didn't mean to turn the column into a twice-a-month opportunity for pensive, reflective personal essays, but maybe that's where I'm at right now. Maybe it'll be different later this month, or later this year.

Or maybe it won't.

Anyway, I'm thankful for this platform. This week's Column of Disquiet is about my comic book collection, but also about how we put stuff we don't want to deal with (both literally and figuratively) in basements (again, both literally, and figuratively.)

If you want to buy my comic book collection, slide into my DMs. I'm serious.