The Column of Disquiet - A Fond Summer Memory

Despite some serious personal issues, I was somehow able to put together two columns for the month of May, and recently, I found myself trying to embark on what David Foster Wallace used to call 'the long thing.' It's a term I use when I get into something pretty heavy duty; occasionally those come easy, or, like, I have a better understanding of where it's going to go or what I am trying to say.

Other times, it's a bit of a stretch, or more of a challenge, to find the momentum the piece needs to get it to the place where it doesn't so much 'write itself,' but where I'm more confident about it.

I'm about 1,000 words into this 'long thing,' and I have some doubts. So I opted to distract myself with this first Column of Disquiet for the month of June. For some reason, my wife and I were talking about this story recently, and I believe she was like, "YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THAT!" And recalling this 'fond summer memory' was relatively easy to do.