The Column of Disquiet - My Neighbor, The Garbage Person

Just as a quick recap, in case you happened to miss all the big news, my monthly contribution to the Southern Minnesota Scene magazine, "The Bearded Life," is coming to an end. The July edition is my final issue, and I have moved on to writing for the up and coming site The Next Ten Words.

The neat thing about writing directly for the web is that you don't really have to worry about your column's length, and the freeing thing about writing for this new project is that I am not bound to the monthly themes of the print publication.

I told my editor I could give him something twice a month, and my second installment of the newly minted "Column of Disquiet" went live yesterday.

Also, please consider giving generously to The Next Ten Words, because shiny new websites designed by a professional web developer don't pay for themselves.