The Bearded Life: Wide Screen Existential Nihilism

Well, it's that time of the month again. HA! I don't mean that time. Well I mean maybe...if you a lady and that's your schedule, you know? Can't help that shit. Anyway, what I really mean is that it's time for my next Southern Minnesota Scene column to hit the internet, and therefore, it's time for me to share it here, on my blog, so all of you good people can read it.

The theme of the March issue is "movies." I was in kind of a sour/distracted mood when I wrote this piece, and actually I wrote it a LONG time ago and kind of forgot about how it came off until very recently. Anyway, I used to fuck with movies pretty hard, but about four years ago, I pretty much lost interest in most things. Hey, there's a topic I've probably covered here a few times in various #longreads or whatever.

But so I wrote about how I used to care. But don't anymore.

It's really fun!  Here ya go!

Oh also, PS- an amended version of my Sleeping Tapes review appears in the March issue as well. Turns out you can't refer to a movie as a "late term abortion" in our magazine, as my editor told me when I asked if he needed me to "clean up the language" from the original.