The 40th Episode of The Podcast With Illustrious Guest Rachael Hanel

This was the first episode of the this season that I taped, but because things mostly came together this time around in terms of recording all the episodes at once, or during a specific span of time, then having them all ready to go and releasing them weekly without any stress of still trying to coordinate interviews and edit last minute, structurally it made sense to place this one in the middle of this run of episodes. Rachael was kind enough to respond to my DM on Twitter to ask if she wanted to be a guest, and it was nice to chat with her about 90s alternative rock, and hear about her forthcoming book, which is expected to be out sometime in the autumn.

You may subscribe and listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts if you are so inclined; or, you can stream it below from the lil Podbean doodab. Visit Rachael's website to learn more about her work, and click here to check out the credits from this episode.