Podcast Season Six , Episode 5 with guest Rachel Brougham

Even with as difficult as it has been at times with wrangling and coordinating guests and their interviews, and my own stuff happening outside of the podcast and the work for the blog, season six of the show has come together really well and I'm really happy with how diverse each guest has been and how the interviews have been going.

Rachel Brougham is a writer from Minneapolis, and I slid into her DMs on Twitter to ask if she would be at all interested in coming on the show—mostly to talk about music, but also to talk about her forthcoming book, Widowland. Thanks again to Rachel for her time and for a great and emotionally thoughtful conversation. 

You may subscribe and listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts if you are so inclined; or, you can stream it below from the lil Podbean doodab. Please do consider ordering a copy of Rachel's book from Black Hat Press, and click here to read the notes from this episode.