Podcast Season Six, Episode 3 with "guest" Federico Durand

I think, while editing this episode together, I had the realization I might have been really using an "NPR Voice" this time—hopefully it's charismatic enough but who knows?

This was a challenging episode and was kind of difficult to put together at times, but difficult in different way in comparison to other episodes where there is an actual guest I am speaking with. I invited Federico Durand, renowned ambient composer from Argentina, onto the show last fall, and over our exchange, it was determined that there would be a language barrier or sorts preventing us from actually having a conversation. Instead, Durand curated a mix of 10 tracks and jotted down some thoughts on each piece—then I tried my best to do his words justice and read those thoughts during this episode.

Durand has had a big impact on me personally since I launched this site in 2013, and a number of his compositions are among my favorite in the ambient/experimental genre, so I was grateful to have the opportunity to involve him with the podcast in whatever way was possible.

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Thanks again to Federico for his time and thoughtfulness. You can see all the pieces I've written about his work here, and the extended show notes are available here.