New Year. New Podcast Episode. Season Six - Episode 1 w/ illustrious guest Daniel Radin


Believe it or not, the podcast is back to usher in 2022. I had plans to wrangle guests and record all of these in, like, December and January and start rolling them out in an orderly fashion, but so far, that has proven to be....a challenge to do.

Regardless, for now, episode 31 of my podcast is now live and direct, with guest Daniel Radin, of the beloved Future Teens, as well as his own solo act, Lake Saint Daniel. You may subscribe and listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts if you are so inclined; or, you can stream it below from the lil Podbean doodab.

Please click through to read the show notes and credits, and many thanks to Daniel for being willing to chop it up with me in the virtual building.