The Column of Disquiet - An Honor Just to Be Nominated

Due to a personal matter that I am still very deeply in the middle of at this point in time, I've been having, as one would expect, a difficult time focusing on content generation- both for this blog (album reviews, et. al), as well as writing my column for The Next Ten Words.

My piece from two weeks ago, about my digestive issues in 2007, had been on my essay topic list for a long time, and found it was a relatively easy time in my life to revisit (the past, as I'm sure you know, isn't always that way), and pretty easy to write about. But I wasn't sure what to do next.

It's either losing steam, or I'm just not seeing it anymore in my Facebook feed, but for many weeks, I was inundated with people sharing ten albums that made an impact on them throughout their lives. You're supposed to tag someone each day, though no one though to tag me. Which was actually a good thing, since it gave me something to write about.

As if you weren't already sick of my music writing, here's 4000+ words about ten albums that impacted my stupid life.