The Column of Disquiet - Jazzy

I've been doing this for a while now, and these pieces usually end up one of two ways: I either go into it with an idea and hope that, while I'm writing it, the idea develops and I can work my way into an ending. Or, I go into it knowing how I'd like it to end, and the task then becomes finding my way toward that.

I've started writing things in a third way, though- I take it beyond 'knowing' how I'd like it to end, and, after I've started writing the piece, I jump ahead and write the ending. Then I go back to where I left off, and continue toward the conclusion that's already been put together. 

It's a bit presumptuous of me, I guess, to do this. And I have to wonder if, at times, the piece is really deserving of this grand finale I've concocted ahead of time. Like, have I really earned it?

This is one of those pieces. And maybe some day in the future, this column won't be as dark as it has been lately. But today is not that day.