The second mixtape of 2017: A Cup of Hot Covfefe

The first mix of the year always takes around five or six months to compile; in contrast, the second usually comes together pretty quickly after that. There have been some liberties taken with this one, however. A bulk of it is new music released in 2017, but there are a few songs that are "new/old" songs that have been reissued this year, or in some cases, there are old songs that are "new to me" in 2017.

A few of the songs near the start are from albums I panned pretty hard, but just because I didn't like the album as a whole doesn't mean I can't pick out one thing I like and want to share off of it. It's an interesting batch of tunes, but I think it works.

Also, for what it's worth, my two favorite songs of the year (so far) are on this one.

Want You Back/Haim
Halfway Home/Broken Social Scene
Bet She Looks Like You/Nick Hakim
She's Gone Away/Nine Inch Nails
Finally Together/DJ Orange Julius
I Promise/Radiohead
Our Destiny-Roadhouse Garden/Prince and The Revolution
Reflections Of/Apollo Vermouth
Broken Clocks/SZA
Geraldine/Mark Mulcahy
Windswept/Johnny Jewel
Cranes in The Sky/Sampha
Guilty Party/The National
What Remains is Love/Joe Goodkin
Motion Picture Soundtrack (OKNOTOK demo)/Radiohead