A New Episode of The Podcast Where I am My Own Guest

Putting together the podcast, since the beginning, has never been easy—the first season, especially, was a little disorganized and chaotic in terms of wrangling guests, figuring out the right mix of equipment to use, the best way to edit it all together, and then keeping it all going for like six or seven months until I thought it would behoove me to take a break and regroup.

By the third and fourth seasons it became easier to book the guests and their recording sessions in large chunks, edit almost all the episodes at once, then get them ready to drop once a week for five weeks in a row, or whatever.

This season, which truthfully might never end (?) has been a challenge in terms of both trying to wrangle guests, but also, as you'll discover in this episode, working through what my best friend calls the "growing pains" of the podcast. 

For this episode, I am my own guest. My wife was generous enough to spend some time conversing with me about an eclectic mix of music I wanted to chat about. From here, I am cautiously optimistic about where this show is going, and what I will be doing with it in terms of who I have invited on and the kind of conversations that'll be had.

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