Did You See Me Screaming Out The Window, About to Lose My Mind? (The Third Mixtape of 2021)

While I've spent the last few months focusing on writing relatively long pieces on a handful of specific albums, it doesn't meant that I'm not listening to other things, or looking forward to things coming out later this year. This is a collection of tunes that I have been been enjoying, or found thoughtful, since April, May, and June.

As always, the tunes are available as a seamless mp3 to download, or to stream on Spotify in a playlist

State/Laura Stevenson
Solar Power/Lorde
No Home/Lady Dan
Jealousy, Jealousy/Olivia Rodrigo
Shade of Yellow/Griff
Like I Used to You/Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen
When You're Gone/Pillow Queens
Tea, Milk, and Honey/Angie McMahon
Quitter (Live)/Sydney Sprague
Graceful Rage/Harmony Woods
Something American (piano version)/Jade Bird
Haiku for Everything You Loved and Miss/Anika Pyle