The Podcast RETURNS! Season Five! Episode 1!

Whoa! Can you believe it? I sure can't. WELCOME BACK TO THE POD! The Anhedonic Headphones Podcast is back for another (and possibly really disorganized) season of illustrious guests. 

What I've discovered is that, much like writing stupidly verbose music reviews and essays, putting together the podcast is tough. It's tough wrangling guests, it's tough for them to pick tunes to talk about, and then it's really labor intensive to edit and put out into the world. But as laborious as it might be at times, the episodes always really come together well and, for the time being at least, I'm happy to be doing it. 

Since we are still living in a pandemic, with no signs of that really coming to an end, despite what folks might think, and because I have more or less tapped out on people I know from work, or in town, that are willing to do the show, or that I want on the show, I am reconnecting with friends from various parts of my life, as well as using the podcast as a platform to foster connections with "internet friends" I have made.

For the 25th episode overall, and first episode of season five, I chopped it up with my college friend Danielle, who is still, all these years later, a purveyor of all things pop, among other things. 

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