The Podcast Returns - Season Four, Episode One (The 20th Episode Overall!)

With an end to the pandemic nowhere in sight, I was uncertain how to approach doing another season of the podcast, or even if I would be able to do another season at all. Truthfully, I have more or less run out of co-workers that are a) willing to do it, or b) that I would want to interview, so this season, the fourth (and maybe final?) I reached out to two people that I used to work with, two people I have known for nearly 20 years, and one person who I have never met in person but have had an "internet friendship" with for five years. The latter three of those episodes were recorded remotely.

I have known my friend Liz for 19 years; we went to college together, and she currently doing big tings in Des Moines, Iowa, which is where she broadcasted from for our episode, as we chopped it up about a diverse mix of music and the stories behind the songs she picked.

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